Lindale Elenlasse

High Elf Bard.


Player: John Welker


Male High Elf Bard.

Age: 551

Apparent Age: Late 30’s

Height 6’4”

Weight: 160 lbs.

Hair: Silver braided down back.

Eyes: Hazel

Ears: Long and pointed.

Left ear has 3 piercings;  gold loop, silver loop, & mithril loop (titanium color)

Primary color scheme: shades of purple.

Wears: Leather armor, thigh high boots, long-tailed coat, leather broad brimmed hat with actual quill pen for feather, leather necklace with ancient coin of unknown origin.

Equipment: Wooden shield that doubles as bodhran drum, violin, sling staff that doubles as a didgeridoo, and a dragonroarer (bullroarer)  .


Who are you?

What do you want?
Where are you going?
Why are you here?



Gender: Male

Race: High Elf

Class / Level: Bard (1)



I am Lindale of House Elenlasse, bard probationer to Fochlucan College. Five and a half centuries ago during the end of the Great War of Elves, I was born to Patrician landowners whose crops were known for their magical and healing properties. Not satisfied(bored) with the easy luxury that come from being born in even the most minor of the Great Houses, I sought new experiences and sensations within the Bardic College. Publicly I search out the tales of The Beru Followers seeking Tabuararikitiki and the first song that created the universe. Privately I seek the origins of my family's secret shame. We have Drow ancestry. We do not share enough blood to exhibit any abilities or traits beyond the particular tint of our silver hair, but it is enough to destroy our family and their standing among the High Elves. In my heart of hearts I want to find the story or song that will reunite the High Elves with those they once considered their closest kin.


Beginning Stats:










Adventure Log

Day 1: