Hyo No Umare

Humanoid Wu Jen / Ranger

Player: Drake Robinson

Appearance: Human Form, Leopard Form, and Bipedal Form

Human Form

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 230 lbs

Hyo Umare is an exceptionally tall man, at 6’6”, stunningly tall given his heritage.

He’s also well built, broad of shoulder, narrow of waist, and very well muscled, weighing in around 230lbs, he’s a solidly built man, his body at least still maintains that of an attractive man.

His body is well tanned, while his face cannot (see details below about face).

He has thick black hair, with small streaks of blonde in it.

As well as yellow eyes, despite the deformities of his face, he has a full set of teeth, in good condition, and his eyes are even and piercing.

Once an attractive man, his face is now a very unpleasant visage. Skin of his face is dry, pale and incapable of tanning, opposite his body- pock marks litter the left half of his face, and three thin silvery scars streak the right side, which bears no pock marks- instead it has a patchy scruff of hair which won’t grow on the other side, and the skin droops slightly.

The right ear is missing the corner, almost the inverse of an elf- whereas the left ear is slightly folded over.

His nose is of normal proportion, but it’s at a slightly unnatural angle, the nose is smooth and untarnished other than the odd angle.

Hyo dresses in japanese style clothing, with a dark Hakama, as well as a white kimono tucked into it.

He wears a golden silk Obi with silver detailing; tightly wrapped around the waist, outside the Hakama, which his katana is thrust through. (essentially a sash).

He also wears an outter robe, or Haori, which is black but bears two yellow and black rosettes as on a leopard’s coat. (where the white dots are)

His katana is basically what is in the picture.

He wears black soft leather boots, that come up to just blow the knees, but other than the feet shouldn’t be visible.


Hakama + Kimono:


Haori Design:


Katana and Scabbard:

Leopard Form

African Leopard

Leopard Rosettes:

Bipedal Form

A bit hunched and covered in leopard fur. Wearing all same clothes and equipment.


Race: "Human"

Class / Level: Wu Jen / Ranger (1/1)














Adventure Log

Day 1: