Farhad Gwerion

Half-elven / Half-human, Aridian Fighter/Thief, contract enforcer.


(Artwork commissioned by W.A. Hawkes-Robinson, created by Dan Ivey.)

Player: Joe Koenen


Standing 6'4" and weighing 164lbs, His height seems accentuated by his lean
frame. Farhad typically wears all black, business like attire, Tall black
boots, Black trousers. His top is a black, form fitting cassock, like a
business suit jacket, or military tunic around the torso and shoulders,
abut opening up at the front, and flowing down to the floor (see attached image for approximate idea)…

Farhad_ werion Reference artworkHis Elven heritage gave him bright glue eyes and silver blonde hair, which
he keeps relatively short. It is close to shaved on the sides, longer
(about 8") on the top, and pushed back ou of his eyes, where is tends to
flop to one side or the other. His beard on the other hand, is so dark as
to be almost black. He has a large bushy mustache, which is nearly too wide
for his face. He does not have a beard, but his whiskers are so dark, that
he has permanent scruff.



Class / Level:  Fighter/Thief (1/1)

Alignment:  Lawful Neutral (with good tendencies).







Distinctive Traits/Flaws/Mannerisms:









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