Cuilla Kalliwart


(pronunciation: ....  )

Player: Marissa


Cuilla Kalliwart, at first seems completely unremarkable, that is if you see her at all.

At 2 foot 8 inches she makes the most of her tiny life.

Unremarkable at the best of times she much prefers to blend in.

With brown hair that sticks up in more ways than you can count, and a face kissed by sea salt you might mistake her for a youthful 40 year old human child.

Thin, with soil permanently on her skin and clothes. The only thing you really look at her for is her eyes, her right brown like the dirt under her nails, but the other blue like starring into the crystal clear ocean. It's pale pastel is a stark comparison to the earthy tones Cuilla gives off.

Her leather armour, and her constant companion, the huge dog Killian her Great Pyrenees.

She needs no one but her God whose symbol, a shortsword over a shield is the only adornment of her otherwise plain clothes. Over her armour, she wears a fine cotton jacket of a deep green color. Given to her by a former human lover the coat is obviously made for someone of a larger size. The sleeves hang down past her finger tips and the coat looks more like a dress on her.

Next to her, Kiernan her Great Pyrenees, stands at her side. Just a tad taller than she is, his grey fur holds patches of black. On his back he holds what looks like saddle bags that hold most of her equipment.



Race: Halfling

Class / Level:














Adventure Log

Day 1: