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We are planning to launch the show mid-June 2018. We still have volunteer positions open for 2-3 players (see application/audition information here), and 1-2 volunteer a/v/twitch tech admins.

Everyone is a volunteer. The show’s goal is to raise awareness about tabletop RPGs, and fundraising for the 501(c) non-profit organization RPG Research:

Checklist for launch:

  • We are nearly finished dialing the Hero Points earning and spending so audience members can influence the story quasi-real-time.
  • We have 4 players/cast members refreshing on AD&D 1st edition rules during our weekly tech test broadcasts.
  • We have 2 moderators.
  • We have 6+ real-time artists, plus several non-real-time artists.
  • We have our primary GM. We would stil like to have someone as an assistant GM, but can get by without until that role is filled.
  • We have 1 a/v/twitch tech engineer, we would like to have a second one to help with everything, but we can get by until that other role is filled.
  • We have worked out the CPU/GPU load issues on the broadcast system.
  • We have worked out the routing of all audio input/output between the remote real-time artists, the remote players, the local players, the GM, and the twitch audience.
  • We are now going back to overhauling the template overlays and scenes.
  • We have some of the donation payment services setup, with a few more tweaks to finish.
  • We still need to tie together the ecommerce and Hero Points mechanisms. We may have to do it manually for now, until something more integrated is worked out. It won’t delay the show launch any longer though, we have a workaround for now.
  • Once we get a few more players trained up, we’ll be ready to launch this weeky show sometime in June on Sundays 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.