Hero Points Spending List

The Worlds of Beru: Heroes of the Mists, Twitch show, is a tabletop role-playing gaming experience shared with an audience. That audience is able to interact and influence the course of the adventure in subtle, and not-so-subtle ways. By hanging out in our Twitch chatroom, watching our show, and/or donating to RPG Research, you gain Experience Points (XP), that you can spend to leave your mark directly on the campaign.

Looking at the list below, if you spend x amount of XP, you get y result. The Game Master (GM), once your XP expenditure is confirmed by our volunteer team, will be relayed to the GM during the next break in the show, and he will incorporate that change at the earliest opportunity that works with the story, when the show resumes.

Each item on the list can only happen once per show session (either that game session or the next session).

Your audience contributions will attempt to be integrated into the show as quickly as possible, within the flow of the game session. Often this will be that same night, but some times it may have to be the following week’s session.

XP Cost Title Notes
50 Harmless animal sighting Characters spot a deer (or other harmless animal of the audience member’s choosing, appropriateness decided by the Game Master). The animal stops and stares at the party, frozen still. Any party member that moves and/or is spotted by the creature, causes the animal to bolt and run away. This creature could be food or other benefit to the party.
100 Character’s feel they are being watched GM has players roll perception check, and those that succeed feel like they are being watched. If nobody succeeds, all party members just have a sense of uneasiness
200 Hound following scent The party spots a dog obviously following the scent of something. The animal looks like it is domesticated. If not threatened, it is friendly. If the PCs wish to adopt it, it is willing to be adopted.
250 Lone refugee A lone refugee is seen up ahead. If the PCs speak with, may reveal some useful situational information from the area. If the PCs don’t speak with, will continue trudging past.
300 A murder of crows The group comes across a large murder (flock) of crows. The crows are curious about the PCs, and will follow for a day or longer.
350 Unnatural storm looming Unnatural-seeming heavy thunderstorm (coming from due South at unnatural speed).
400 Thieving Critter A racoon or other critter (audience member can specify possible alternatives, GM desides if appropriate) tries to steal food from party while sleeping/camped.
500 Lone wolf, following Lone wolf, avoids confrontation, but keeps trailing party from a great distance. Follows for one or more days.
600 Random Item Found Item of some possible significance noted lying on road/trail
750 Unconscious soldier Wounded solider unconscious on trail party if following/near. (either Arthurian or Mordredian (DM’s discretion))
800 Farmer/trader carrying goods A farmer or trader, on foot or in wagon, is seen carrying goods to Camelot ahead of the invasion. Will sell/trade goods, and could be useful information.
1000 The Same Creepy Black Cat? The cat again??? Is it the same cat last seen in the little girl’s tent? An actual housecat is seen, it runs away if anyone approaches it. Remember, cats are considered ill-omens or even demon minions by supersition. Remember they have pretty much all been killed off in recent years, so a rare sight indeed! And to see two!?
1500 Pack of hungry wolves A pack of hungry wolves picks up the party’s scent. They are starving. They are afraid of the PCs, but their hunger will make them increasingly try to steal food from the camp.
2000 Wounded Mordredian soldier Wounded Mordredian soldier found unconscious on trail party if following/near.
2500 Thief in the night Thief attempts to sneak up on party during sleeping, and attempt to steal something.


Original version from 2015: http://www2.spokanerpg.com/worlds-of-beru/the-spartan-show-adventurers-guild-broadcasts/audience-interaction