Hero Points Earning List

Audience members and donors can gain "Hero Points"  automatically by being in our Twitch channel, being active in the channel,being supportive of our show, tweeter/retweeting about RPG Research and/or Heroes of the Mist show. They earn these points while viewing our show when it is live, and by donating to RPG Research either directly or as many as 10x points by supporting us monthly through our RPG Research Patreon.

One time donation = 50 Hero Points for every $5 (must be $5 increments). So $5 gives you 50 Hero Points, $10=100XP, etc. to affect the show!

Here is the list of what you can spend your Hero Points on: http://www.mistheroes.com/audience-xp-list/

NOTICE TO PATREON SUPPORTERS. You gain 100 Hero Points per $10 dollar of Patreon support each month. So if you are a $10/mo patreon supporter you automatically get 1000 Hero Points each month after your first month is complete.


Item Earning Rate Notes
Loitering in channel 5 Hero Points  per hour This is earned for just being at your keyboard (not afk) in the channel.
Chatting productively in channel 10 Hero Points  per hour This is earned for productive chat in channel. (just don't spam)
Useful commentary in channel +25 Hero Points bonus points per comment flagged as helpful Retweeting/tweeting us, being helpfully active in the channel, nice comments, if positively flagged by the channel moderator (moderator's discretion), earn you 25 bonus points.
Donations 50 Hero Points  per $5 USD donated For every $5 USD donated to RPG Research, once donation processing is confirmed, you gain 50 Hero Points. No upper limit on the amount you may donate. No limit on how often you donate. All donations go toward the non-profit organization RPG Research, furthering RPG Research's community and research programs - http://rpgresearch.com
Patreon Supporter Bonus 1000 Points per $10/month! +1000 XP per month Monthly Patreon supporters, for each $10 monthly support, gain bonus +1000 points per month! http://patreon.com/rpgresearch