Tentative Show Launch Date: June 2018 6:00 pm Pacific Time

Heroes of the Mist Tech Test

UPDATE: We had a few player/cast changes due to work schedule changes and people moving. We have put out a call for new local players to audition: https://www.meetup.com/SCdA-RPG/events/wwqwspyxjbfb/

We are getting very close to having all the technology and personnel pieces in place. If all goes well (we still need 1 more volunteer to help with the tech side), we should be able to officially launch the show weekly on www.twitch.tv/rpgresearch

Sunday in middle-to-late June 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm Pacific Time.


Keeping checking for updates on our website: www.mistheroes.com

You can also follow us on our various social media sites (see our contact info).

Artwork included with this posting is an example of the real-time sketching going on during the show (this was during a tech test with artist Steve Rampton).  Steve is one of nearly a dozen artists helping with the show!

See our List of Heroes for everyone that is helping make this show come to life!



Coming soon to Twitch.tv, “Heroes of the Mist”

On the RPG Research channel, coming soon to Twitch.tv, “Heroes of the Mist”, adventures in the Worlds of Beru.

Donate to the non-profit organization RPG Research: http://patreon.com/rpgresearch



  • Game Master: 1 – Hawke Robinson
  • Assistant Game Master: 1 – TBA
  • Players: 3-6 – Joe, John, Drake, & 3 others pending.
  • Real-time artist: 1-2 – TBA
  • A/V & internet Technician: 1-2 – TBA
  • Twitch Chatroom Moderator(s): 2-3 – TBA
  • Marketing/promotions/social networks: 1-2 – TBA

Preparing a new weekly Twitch show

Hello, my name is Hawke Robinson. I have been involved with role-playing games since the 1970s. I began the early stages of what would become my “Worlds of Beru” multiverse campaign in the early 1980s. Since then, I have run scores of groups through this ever-expanding campaign setting. I am founder of RPG Research, RPG Therapeutics LLC, RpgEducation.com, the RpgNetwork.net, and many other products, companies, and organizations.

Around 1996 I began hosting a White Pine Reflector and using CuSeeMe to engage tabletop role-playing gamers that were in remote locations over the Internet. In 2015 I was asked to GM my Worlds of Beru on The Spartan Show called “The Adventurer’s Guild“, and in 2017 as a player on that same show in his campaign Legends Through Shadow.

I am now planning to bring together all this experience, some talented players, artists, and other volunteers, to try to put on a great tabletop role-playing experience, that actually lets the viewing audience feel a part of the campaign.

Each week I will share another piece of the plan as we come closer to the first episode of the show. Some of this I will share via live video on our Twitch channel at http://twitch.tv/rpgresearch

Stay tuned!