Hero Points Spending Catalog

Here is the online catalog providing information on what audience members can spend their Hero Points on for nearly real-time interaction with the real-play tabletop role-playing game streaming show Heroes of the Mist, a fundraiser for the non-profit charitable research and human services organization RPG Research.

The Worlds of Beru: Heroes of the Mists, is a live stream actual play Twitch show. It is a tabletop role-playing gaming experience shared with a live interactive audience.

The audience is able to interact with, and influence, the course of the adventure in subtle, and not-so-subtle ways.

Audience members can gain Hero Points to spend on audience interaction optsion.

By hanging out in our Twitch chatroom, watching our show, and/or donating to RPG Research, as a thank you for supporting our show and RPG Research, you gain "Hero Points" that you can spend to leave your mark directly on the campaign.

Looking at the list below, if you spend X amount of Hero Points, you get Y result.

Once your Hero Points expenditure is confirmed by our volunteer moderators, your request will be relayed to the Game Master (GM), and then the GM will incorporate your request at the earliest opportunity that works with the story.

Each item on the list can only happen once per show session per audience member (either that game session or the next session). If there are a lot of requests in a single session, that would derail or make the campaign too chaotic to move the story along, then requests will be queued up to be implemented as soon as reasonably possible (GM's discretion). Every effort is made to implement your request as soon as possible without disrupting the game.

You may provide a customization note with your request, and the GM may (or may not), implement that "tweak" if appropriate.

If the request includes an animal or Non-Player Character (NPC), the GM may attempt to make the description and/or name in some way fit your Twitch username (remembering this is a family friendly show). This may not always be possible with all user names, but every effort is made by the GM to do so.

Your audience contributions will attempt to be integrated into the show as quickly as possible, within the flow of the game session. Often this will be that same night, but some times it may have to be the following week's session, especially if the request is made closer to the end of that show's session.

Remember donors gain anywhere from 10x to 100x as many points!

Donate to the non-profit 501(c)3 charitable research and human services organization RPG Research today!

Hero Points Cost Title Notes
50 Harmless animal sighting Characters spot a deer (or other harmless animal of the audience member's choosing, appropriateness decided by the Game Master). The animal stops and stares at the party, frozen still. Any party member that moves and/or is spotted by the creature, causes the animal to bolt and run away. This creature could be food or other benefit to the party, or just keep them on their toes, or cause them to lower their guard if it happens frequently.
100 Character's feel they are being watched GM will describe to one or more players that their character feels like they are being watched, and it is causing a sense of uneasiness. This may be passed as a note if a single player or described aloud by the GM.
200 Animal tracking group The party spots an animal (dog or other) obviously tracking them (maybe following their scent). The animal looks like it is domesticated. If not threatened, it is friendly. If the PCs wish to adopt it, depending on how they behave, they may be willing to be adopted. It may have a name tag with a name similar to the audience member's user name. If the party already has too large a menageries of animals, they may not adopt, but animal might keep following them from afar, or appearing from time to time (GM's discretion), or just run on home to original owner.
250 Lone villager or refugee A lone villager or refugee is seen up ahead. If the PCs speak with, may reveal some useful situational information from the area. If the PCs don't speak with, will continue trudging past. If they do speak with, name will attempt to be matched in some way to the audience member's username (GM's discretion).
300 A murder of crows or other aggressive group of flying creatures The group comes across a large murder (flock) of crows or other group of flying creatures (GM's discretion though audience member may make suggestions). The crows are curious about the PCs, and will follow for a day or longer. If potential for speech, may say audience member's username in some adapted way (GM's discretion).
350 Storm looming Heavy thunderstorm is looming, it is likely going to impact the heroes. It may be natural or may seem unnatural in some way (GM's discretion).Will only last a few hours.
400 Thieving Critter A racoon or other critter (audience member can specify possible alternatives, GM desides if appropriate) tries to steal food or other inexpensive items from the party while sleeping/camped. Appropriate game system checks will be made by relevant PCs. If the critter succeeds in the theft, the Heroes may see the critter later eating or holding their item (from a distance), before it chitters at them and runs away.
500 Lone wolf, following Lone wolf, avoids confrontation, but keeps trailing party from a great distance. Follows for one or more days.
600 Random Item Found Item of some possible significance (but not likely of financial value) found by at least one PC, lying on road/trail
750 Unconscious soldier Wounded solider/messenger or similar NPC found unconscious along the route the heroes are taking (either Arthurian or Mordredian audience member may specify, or other (GM's discretion)). Name will attempt to be matched in some way to the username of the audience member making the request.
800 Farmer/trader carrying goods A farmer or trader, on foot or in wagon, is seen carrying goods to Camelot ahead of the invasion. Will sell/trade goods, and could be useful information.
1000 The Same Creepy Black Cat? The cat again??? Is it the same cat last seen in the little girl's tent? An actual housecat is seen, it runs away if anyone approaches it. Remember, cats are considered ill-omens or even demon minions by supersition. Remember they have pretty much all been killed off in recent years, so a rare sight indeed! And to see two!?
1500 Pack of hungry wolves A pack of hungry wolves picks up the party's scent. They are starving. They are afraid of the PCs, but their hunger will make them increasingly try to steal food from the camp.
2000 Wounded Mordredian soldier Wounded Mordredian soldier found unconscious on trail party if following/near.
2500 Thief in the night Thief attempts to sneak up on party during sleeping, and attempt to steal something.
3000 Dangerous animal(s) 1 or more dangerous (non-magical) animals encountered, they may or may not be aware of the PCs. The PCs will spot them. The animals in "in the way" of the PC's travel in some way they will have to avoid or deal with in some way.
4000 Enemy spotted 1 or more persons/things that are definitely enemies of the party. The party is aware of the enemy(ies), the enemy may or may not be aware of the party. The PCs will have to take some kind of action (evasive or otherwise), one way or another.
5000 Significant weather event The weather has some kind of extreme event. Won't be longer than 1-2 days , maybe just a few hours. The shorter the duration, the more intense the event. If underground, then an undergroound event such as flood, gas, etc.
7500 Quake Minor to significant Earthquake (no greater than 7.0 and may be somewhat distant), or similar event. If at sea, may trigger a tsunami. If underground, may trigger some kind of cave-in. If on a non-primary plan, may be some kind of elemental equivalent to an earthquake.
10000 Large enemy May be a large group (20 or more) of enemies, or one LARGE enemy (giant, dragon, etc.), equal to at least 2 times the levels of the combined group. The PCs are aware of the enemy, the enemy may or may not be aware of the PCs. The PCs _must_ deal with or avoid (with great difficulty) this enemy in some way.
15000 Mist Event / Multiplanar bleed-through Something related to the multivese "The Mists" either the PCs encounter the mists (which could send them to one of a thousand possible locations based on random die roll, or something from the multiverse mists comes into their location.
20000 Arch-nemesis A situation or event that the PCs either did in the past, or will happen because of this option, will lead to creating an arch-nemesis of the heroes. This arch-nemesis will in some way be named after your Twitch username (when appropriate), and will be recurring NPC that is extremely difficult for the Heroes to deal with. Unless they somehow kill this NPC quickly (unlikely as it will either innitiallyh be overwhelmingly powerful when they are lower level, or it has effective escapes (like teleport, so it can come back to plague them again in the future). Will show up a minimum of 3 different broadcast sessions (unless PCs somehow kill it before then (very unlikely).
30000 Otherworldly Encounter A creature from another plane, including potentially planes of Hell, is encountered by the PCs directly. It may be in disguise and they may not know it initially. It is reporting back to a Greater Power in some way.
40000 Evil Greater Power Some Awareness of Heroes! In some way, a dangerous power, such as Lolth, Demon, Devil, or Ancient One is in some small way, aware of the Heroes. Not greatly focused on them, but aware of them, which is a VERY BAD thing.
50000 Helpful (minor) Divine Intervention The PCs may not be aware, but they in some way encounter something divine, that interacts with the PCs or helps them in some minor but important way. It could as simple as an old many giving them directions that helps them, but that old man is a major deity in disguise, and may be encountered in different forms throughout the campaign (or same form if appropriate).
100000 Catastrauphic Event A catastraiphic (but survivable for the PCs) event takes place. It may be a massive earthquake, tsunami, class 5 hurricane or tornado, volcanic eruption, meteor/comet crash, etc. The PCs will have to find some means of safety (which will be available), but the civilians in the area will be all but wiped out by the event. The event will nto delay the PCs more than 3 days maximum.


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