Negative HP

House rule about one's CON determining how far negative a PC can go before death.
  • At 0 hp combat action action is NOT possible (about to pass out), but can take 1 round for a very simple action for something basic like quaffing a healing potion/herb, etc, (if already out of pack or within easy reach) and then pass out the following round (unless brings them back up to 1 hp or higher, but can take no further action that round).
  • They are considered "stable" at 0, and do not lose hit points (unless bleeding for other reasons).
  • Negative hit points to the equivalent of their CON stat. So if CON:13, can go to -13 and still be alive, but at -14 dead. And someone with a CON:6 can go to -6 and still be alive, but dead at -7 or lower.
  • Once negative, must make successful CON check to stabilize, otherwise once at -1 or lower, lose 1 hp per round (CON check each round to auto stabilize). If someone with healing skills (or magic), succeeds with check, that can also stabilize countdown to death.