SEASON 2 LAUNCHED SEPTEMBER 29TH 6:00 PM PACIFIC TIME ON YOUTUBE.COM/RPGRESEARCH. Travelers through the Worlds of Beru multiverse setting. Can they save the multiverse? Watch Sundays 6-9 pm Pacific Time on A fundraiser for the 501(c)3 non-profit RPG Research. The adventure began June 2018! Patreon supporters get to watch all of the show archives. Non-supporters can see older episodes on the Heroes of the Mist Youtube Playlist

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Heroes of the Mist Twitch Weekly Live Audience Interactive Tabletop Role-Playing Gaming Show by RPG Research

An audience interactive actual-play live show, "Heroes of the Mist". STREAMING LIVE ON SUNDAYS 6-9 PM PACIFIC TIME.

What is Heroes of the Mist?

Heroes of the Mist is an audience-interactive actual-play tabletop RPG weekly live show using D&D in a home brew multi-verse setting.

The show is part of the non-profit 501(c)3 charitable research and human services organization RPG Research, studying the effects of all RPG formats and their potential to improve lives.

Through our "Audience Interactive Features" of the live stream, the audience can (nearly real-time) impact events in the game by accumulating and spending hero points.

The show is meant to:

  • Improve the accuracy and awareness about role-playing games
  • Address the many myths and different misconceptions about how to engage in RPGs
  • Improve inclusiveness and accessibility of RPGs. The players are diverse in age, experience, ethnicity, gender, and (dis)abilities.
  • Intentionally represents more diverse but "average" role-playing gamers (not professional actors), so that people have a better understanding about how they too can have fun with their friends without thinking they have to put together a fully professional troupe.
  • How to run TRPGs without having to use computer software, cosplay, professional actors, etc. using what is typically used in a home gaming setup.
  • We also occasionally cover little snippets of theory as shown through the progression of the series, talking about social dynamics, small group formation & communication dynamics, immersion & flow state, bleed, conflict resolution, using more adjectives and more sensory descriptions to help those with visual impairments follow along, and many other relevant topics.
  • We do sometimes have a real-time artist sketching the scenes as they happen, especially to help out those with aphantasia.

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